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Hi! My name is Katherine Sloan. I am a wife and a mom of three adult children. Greg, my husband, and I live in Atlanta, GA. We provide elderly care for our two dogs, Rocko and Willie. I am an Ace-certified Health Coach and a nutrition specialist. I am committed to help women over 40 to FEEL BETTER.

My purpose is to measure truth to promote wholeness! Aletheia (alā́theia) is a greek word meaning truth, the action of  uncovering. As your Health Coach, I want to help you crack the code that keeps you from reaching your goals.  ‍

I believe SMALL changes lead to BIG results. My process is Positively Simple.

I have personally learned that a customized nutrition plan allows you to feel satisfied, not full, leading to sustainable fat loss. I understand each body is unique and specific diets do not work for every person.  

I have also learned that training helps crack the code. I have exercised for years but it wasn't until I began training that I was able to transform my body shape.  Exercise is movement, which is a wonderful place to start. Training is movement with a purpose, which gives you the personal motivation you need when you do not feel like exercising.

I want to help you find the truth within yourself to be the healthiest YOU.

As for me, I enjoy interval training, strength training, and I love trying new recipes. We are now empty-nesters and learning to enjoy this new season of life. I love rest days to restore my body and be ready for the week ahead.

Accountability is the ONLY way to crack the weight loss code!

Click here for more information on what a Health Coach is and how we can work together.