Hi! My name is Katherine Sloan. I am a wife and a mom of three adult children. Greg, my husband and I live in Atlanta, GA. with our two pups, Rocko and Willie. I am an Ace-certified Health Coach, committed to helping women achieve their desired target.

My purpose is to measure truth to promote wholeness! I would love to be your Truth Coach.

I want to help you find the truth within yourself to be the healthiest YOU. I lost my parents way too early, in their fifties, which fueled my passion for health and wellness. I desire to live a life full of health and harmony. I would love to aid you to become your strongest YOU. I believe each body is unique and specific diets do not work for every person. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with you to achieve your best YOU. 

As for me, I enjoy walk-run interval training, resistance training, and love trying new recipes. We are now empty-nesters and learning to enjoy this season of life. I enjoy a good Netflix series to rest and unwind. 

As a Health Coach, I see clients 1:1 as well as by phone and Zoom sessions. I also provide group coaching through FaceBook. I would love to help you get healthy through nutrition, activity, and truth. 

Click here for more information on what a Health Coach is and how we can work together.